The paper should have a maximum 6 page lenght, strictly following the required format, in order to be submitted for preliminary acceptance.

The paper will be preceded by a maximum 200 words abstract structured around the objectives and results of the presented work and a maximum of six key words.

The focus on one of the seminar topics, as well as demonstrated coherence and value of the research results will be the main criteria for acceptance/ rejection.

The paper will be structured around, but not limited to the following headings:

  • Objectives;
  • Literature Review;
  • Research Methodology;
  • Research Results;
  • Conclusions and key contributions/ added value.

Conference topics

  • "E" Technologies for Quality in Higher Education
  • Privacy Aspects of E-Higher Education
  • Modernization of Higher Education & Research in "E" Era: Innovative Teaching Methods/Methodologies and Quality Issues
  • Risk Management in Higher Education: The Quality Perspective
  • Competency-based Curricula Design for the "E" Era in Higher Education: Towards the Entrepreneurial University
  •  "E"-Lifelong Learning: Strategy Building for Inclusive/ Responsive Development
  • The "E" Era and the Development of Sound University-Industry Relationships: Building the Foundations for Quality in Higher Education
  • Quality Culture vs. "E" Culture: Building Bridges through Quality Management
  • Strategies for Research and Innovation: Quality as Key Criterion for Focus and Funding in the "E" Era
  • Global University Ranking(s) and Quality: Friend or Foe? The Issue of Assessment Methods
  • The "E" Role in Building Sound Universities
  • Human Resources Development in the "E" Era Higher Education


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